Los Angeles. Disneyland. Beach. Captain Eo.


Los Angeles was great. My mother, sister, aunt, and cousin and I all spent the weekend together. Almost as soon as we landed, we headed to Disneyland on Saturday. Cousin Amy works for the Mouse, so she has passes and an advanced knowledge of all things Disney, land and otherwise. We zipped around the parks getting in to all the rides and places quickly. Everyone had a really really great time.

I even managed to sneak a coffee onto a ride.

Oh, and randomly, I ran into Mis while we were both buying coffee at a Disney cafe.

I think the ride we enjoyed the most was the Indiana Jones one. We went on most of them, but that one seemed to be the most fun for everyone.


The last thing we did at Disneyland was “Captian Eo.” It was probably not the best last thing to do, it was sort of creepy. Disneyland started showing it again in February as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Well, I am not sure “tribute’ is the right description. It is really horrible. I was fine with the outdated 3D technology, but there was barely any plot and the acting was basically Michael reading from a cue card with the intended emotion put in parenthesis.

He has some sort of power to help people see the beauty inside them, it sort of looks like lightening from his fingertips. But really, he shoots the borg robot troops with his lightening hands and turns them into Cirque du Soleil Studio hair product models/back up dancers.

I think that maybe just a little Propofol would have helped the whole experience. I mean, it is a Michael Jackson tribute, after all. Here are some scenes from “Captain Eo” for your enjoyment. It is not in 3D, but that was really the least of it’s problems”


On Sunday, we picked up my cousin and aunt at Manhattan Beach where my cousin lives. We walked along the beach for a while, then went to Venice Beach for lunch and a walk.

Technically, this was a birthday trip for me with my family celebrating along and they kept asking what I wanted to do and I was reluctant to choose things that only I would be interested in doing, seeing as it is a group thing. But if I were alone in Los Angeles and could do whatever I wanted, I would go to Canter’s DeliThe Getty,Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and the beach. Some day, I will hit all those spots.

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