Seven Unrelated Things I Love.

Seven Unrelated Things I Love.

1. Coffee. Coffee in bed. Coffee before headed out for the night. Coffee in cafes on rainy days. Iced coffee on hot days.


2. How Rick laughs when he watches videos of people falling down on YouTube.

3. Old books. I put rose petals inside them, then forget they are there for years.

4. Vetiver Extraordinaire cologne by Frederic Malle. It opens with a green but dry woody blast. The drydown is smoky, almost like embers from a dying campfire. No sweet notes, no cloying notes, just smoky wood.

5. Screwball comedies of the 30’s and film noir movies of the 40’s. If everyone is wearing a hat and talks a mile a minute, I will watch it.

6. Photo booths. The black and white, strip of four photo booths. I love how a group of friends cram onto the stool and close the curtain, smile, make fish faces, and wait the two minutes. They are where the magic happens.


7. Walking. It clears the head. You see so much more when you walk.

This weekend in over-edited photographs.

I am eating a huge pink marshmallow.

Dino is being his sweet self:

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