Good Bye and Fuck Off!

“Because all my friends are fucking bitches
Best known for burning bridges
Do you need a character witness?”
TGIF” by Le Tigre

I slept horribly last night. It could be due to the excitement of newness and because yesterday was full of change.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning, just one of those check up type appointments. Nothing major. In the lobby, I got the final job offer call from the downtown Gucci. Weeks and weeks in the making, it finally happened. Dr. Chu was the first person I told face to face.

Gucci is closer to my apartment than the bus stop I used to get to NM. It also pays significantly better. That, and from what I can tell, I won’t be working with a store full of egomaniacal assholes who treated my crew horribly for no other reason than they could. I won’t be responsible for everyone’s disorganization, lack of planning and foresight, and refusal to work together. My team were the guys that followed the elephants in the parade: picking up the shit, fixing problems no matter how or who created them, and making sure everything looks perfect. Except that the shovels belong to the engineering department and the wheelbarrows are all being used by the visual department to store something that is only used once a year. So obstacles and conflicts were routinely placed in our path to task completion due to a huge ongoing pissing contest between the managers. They officially want to project a cohesive “one voice,” but that is only if it is the voice of the one who is saying it. If it is “too many chiefs and not enough Indians” or “too may cooks in the kitchen,” it was a constant battle to see which manager got to make the final decision. We hardly ever moved anything once because someone else would come along and have another idea of how or where or when, and it was more about ego than about what was actually good or right for the store.

They also financially encourage single-driver commuting by subsidizing employee parking, but not public transportation passes.

I could go on and on about scandals, firings, theft, favoritism, affairs, charity fraud, and blatant incompetence, but I would rather just forget that I was ever there. I will remember the people I worked with.

But it’s over and soon to be a foggy memory. I never did more in Bellevue than can be done in a jar.

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