SPA Obsession #98797: Fall-Winter 2002 Christian Dior Mohawk Beanie.

SPA Obsession #98797: Fall-Winter 2002 Christian Dior Mohawk Beanie.

On freezing cold days such as this one, I quickly rekindle my obsession with the Christian Dior Mohawk Beanie from Autumn-Winter 2002. I saw it in photographs of the runway show and I actually saw it on a guy in January of 2002 when I was shopping with Rafael in the Chelsea Market. Yes, a seven year obsession. I don’t like anything that long, especially clothes. I need to find a knitter, since I know that there is no way my first knitting project would turn out decent and I would end up walking around with a huge knotted ball of yarn on my head. I want it in black/gray/navy/cream and it can be solid, no need for the little llama guys on the side. I want it big and ridiculous and out of control. If I could figure out how to turn that 25 foot long scarf that keeps getting caught in escalators and car doors into one, it would be perfect.


  1. Hi, just wondering of these magnificent hats are on sale anywhere? If so where can I get one? Can you get them made especially to order?
    hope to heat back from you.




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