“Catch A Wave And You’re Sitting On Top Of The World.”

Catch A Wave And You’re Sitting On Top Of The World.”

On my walk to work this morning, I crossed paths with an elderly lady walking down the Freeway Park stairs the same time. She was dressed all in black with silver-white short cropped hair and huge black sunglasses with thick frames (a la Swifty Lazar and Carrie Donovan). She was fierce. I contemplated trying to get a photograph of her, but figured it would just look creepy.

I continue down the stairs, peeked into Tully’s for a Venti drip, continue through the lobby of Two Union, and there she was again by the security desk.

She gestured to me with those sunglasses, pointing at my coat and said “That is a really cool coat, where did you get it?”

After I answered her, she continued, “It looks amazing on you.”

I thanked her and we parted.

I love that she used the word “cool”. I love that she pointed at me with her crazy sunglasses. I love that we were secretly having a mutual style admiration before 9:00 AM. But most of all, I love that she broke the secret and told me. I will ride that wave all day.

I guess it is to balance out being called a F*GGOT yesterday morning? Seems only fair.

So today, go bold, go brave. Wear something you love with confidence. But mostly, if you admire/appreciate something about someone else, friend or stranger, tell them. Everyone likes to hear that the item of adornment they love is appreciated by others.

Give someone else a wave to ride today.

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