Some day, very soon, I am going to organize all my passwords and make them all the exact same password.  I know, it seems dangerous, but no one is going to get very far stealing my identity and email accounts.  I say, “Have at it!  Good luck with that!”

Until then, I am watching clips of the “Rachel Zoe Project” on

I do think that as far as bad reality TV guilty pleasures go, this may be mine.  I do not watch the Real Housewives of anywhere or any of the elimination-type shows.  I think that the only other reality television show that I watch may be “Antiques Roadshow,” but that hardly seems fair to call it reality TV.  There are no hot tubs or body shots involved with the making of that show, a wise choice considering the sort that brings in their crap to have the Keno brothers paw it over.

I guess I can honestly say that the main reason I do not like reality TV is because it is watching unbalanced people act like bad citizens and I feel that is not a good use of my time.  Then again, I get nervous watching that hidden camera show “What Would You Do?”  I like scripted TV, I like writers.

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