Girl With The Most Cake

Anyone who lived in Seattle in the early 90’s has various Grunge Celebrity stories.  We all have stories of house parties where this or that band performed or running into someone at the grocery store.  I used to take a yoga class with several grunge starter-wives and later, with one-third of Nirvana.  They were our neighbors, friends and coworkers.

The only story that I ever think about every once in a while is seeing Frances Bean Cobain at the playground at Volunteer Park with her nannies.  She must have been two or three, running, jumping, swinging, and laughing.  Her mother was there and probably should have grabbed more of my focus, but it was the little girl with the crystal blue eyes, Kurt’s eyes, that fascinated me.

That little girl is now the amazingly beautiful young woman in the photograph above.  More photos are found here by photographer Hedi Silmane.



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