Michigan GOP Pass Bullying Bill Giving ‘License To Bully’


I love Michigan, I was actually there a few months back.  I met some amazing people there and in all actuality, I met myself there.  It is the place where I first started to be the person who I am today, to ‘come into my own’.  But Michigan is not a good place, there are ‘bubbles’ and ‘islands’ of it that I am sure are still great and safe for everyone, but if you are a school kid that is perceived as different in any way, the state just gave the bullies a loophole.  Read the article and watch the videos below.

Here’s the deal:  I was bullied for years and years through junior high and high school.  I know what it is like, I know how it makes you feel.  If you are told you are garbage for long enough, you start to believe you are garbage and start to think you deserve to be treated like garbage.  It easily leads to you deciding that since you are garbage, no one will miss you if you are gone and at least then you won’t be treated like garbage any more.  It is a cancer that, if gone untreated, will devastate every aspect of the recipient’s life from grades in school to relationships with friends and family to the very understanding of their self worth.

So now, it is legal to bully someone if the bully feels they have a moral or religious reason for doing it?  I am not sure how any of that is proven or disproven, it’s sort of like back pain:  if you say you have it, you must have it.

There are people in Michigan that do not believe their state should sanction bigotry and violence against high school ‘weird kids’  and they need to use their voices, email accounts, and ballots to change who makes decisions in their state.  Post and repost.


Michigan GOP Pass Bullying Bill Giving ‘License To Bully’ | The New Civil Rights Movement.

Watch Sen. Whitmer’s speech:

Watch a message from Matt’s dad:

And a tribute to Matt from Massachusetts teens:

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