Holiday (1938)

I am finding it harder and harder to stomach any holiday-themed TV or movies lately. I am not exactly sure why, but I am guessing that it is a combination of having seen most of them too many times already and I am paying more attention to my glycemic index lately. While “Holiday” is not actually a holiday movie, it has the word ‘holiday’ in the title and that is as close as I feel to go right now.

I will never tire of screwball comedies.

I do love this film.

Johnny Case (Cary Grant), a self-made man, is about to marry Julia Seton (Doris Nolan), but then learns that she is rich. He proceeds to meet her sister Linda (Katharine Hepburn), father (Henry Kolker), and dissolute brother Ned (Lew Ayres). Johnny discusses his possibilities with his more humble friends, Professor (Edward Everett Horton) and Mrs. Potter (Jean Dixon), as he struggles to decide whether to quit work to finally have some fun and whether he should marry the “great woman behind every successful man” Julia, or be with his more free spirited “soul-mate” Linda.

Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn directed by George Cukor? Perfection.


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