You Say You Want A Resolution?

That photo is a screen shot from a website that will give you inspiration for your own New Year’s Resolutions:

New Year’s resolutions do seem to be a bit pointless to me, I usually change whatever needs to be changed when I recognize it instead of waiting for a specific date.

I do thank all of you that get gym memberships and then give up mid-february and subsidize my membership for the rest of your contract.  I figure it all evens out when I pay $25 at an all-you-can-eat buffet and only have one plate.

Oh yes, I just did.

Here are my suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that everyone can easily keep:

1.  Change batteries in smoke detectors and flashlights.  Just buy a pack of 9-volt and D batteries and swap them out on New Year’s Day and presto!  You kept a resolution.

2.  Organize your passwords into one password or master-password with slight variations, I have chosen one that has a capital letter, a number, and a symbol and is eight characters long.  If I hadn’t already chosen a different one, I am pretty sure I would have changed all mine to:  F*ckYou2! (without the asterisk).  I kind of love it.

3.  Figure out what change you can easily make that can reduce waste and pollution, conserve resources, and reuse or recycle what you do use.  It could be as easy as carrying a reusable water bottle and grocery bags, organizing/combining your errands into one car trip (or walking), buying locally made produce, switching to paperless bills/statements, and not showering alone.

4.  Pick one day and “Like” everyone’s blog post or Facebook status updates, even if you have no real feeling about it either way.  Everyone likes to have recognition and it takes minimal effort to “Like” that so-and-so is at Home Depot “buying nails.”  Without naming names, that was a true-life example from my friends feed.

5.  Get into the habit of texting/emailing/calling/tweeting/mind-melding people when you think about them throughout the day.  It takes just a second to send a text to someone to tell them you were reminded of them.

5.  Moisturize.


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