The art of Jay Inslee: donors get sketch

Politics Northwest | The art of Jay Inslee: donors get sketch | Seattle Times Newspaper.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee has been making a pitch to regular donors – give him money and he’ll send you a drawing once a month.

He calls it “The J Team.”

We at Politics Northwest have been curious to see the former Bainbridge Island Congressman’s artistic side, and today one of Inslee’s donors shared his first creation: an impressionistic colored-pencil drawing of a Lopez Island beach.

“I promised you a sketch every month for joining the J-Team — and am excited to share my first J-Team drawing,” Inslee said in an email message to donors, adding “it’s because of you that we’re running one of the most competitive races in the nation and because of you I’m so confident we’ll win this November.”

Jaime Smith, Inslee’s campaign spokesperson, said Inslee “doodles all the time” and likes to keep colored pencils and paper on hand wherever he goes.

“This is Jay’s sanity mechanism. Some people smoke. He draws,” Smith said.

No word yet on whether Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna is preparing a counter-sculpture.

Voting History Compiled by On The Issues:

Jay Inslee on Abortion
Voted NO on banning federal health coverage that includes abortion. (May 2011)
Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Jan 2007)
Rated 100% by NARAL, indicating a pro-choice voting record. (Dec 2003)

Jay Inslee on Budget & Economy
Voted YES on regulating the subprime mortgage industry. (Nov 2007)

Jay Inslee on Civil Rights
Voted YES on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation. (Nov 2007)
Voted NO on Constitutionally defining marriage as one-man-one-woman. (Jul 2006)
Voted NO on making the PATRIOT Act permanent. (Dec 2005)
Rated 100% by the HRC, indicating a pro-gay-rights stance. (Dec 2006

Jay Inslee on Corporations
Voted YES on more funding for nanotechnology R&D and commercialization. (Jul 2009)
Voted YES on allowing stockholder voting on executive compensation. (Apr 2007)

Jay Inslee on Crime
Voted YES on enforcing against anti-gay hate crimes. (Apr 2009)

Jay Inslee on Drugs
Voted NO on prohibiting needle exchange & medical marijuana in DC. (Oct 1999)

Jay Inslee on Education
Voted YES on $40B for green public schools. (May 2009)
Voted YES on additional $10.2B for federal education & HHS projects. (Nov 2007)
Rated 100% by the NEA, indicating pro-public education votes. (Dec 2003)

Jay Inslee on Energy & Oil
Voted NO on barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. (Apr 2011)
Voted YES on tax incentives for renewable energy. (Feb 2008)
Rated 100% by the CAF, indicating support for energy independence. (Dec 2006)

Jay Inslee on Environment
Rated 100% by the LCV, indicating pro-environment votes. (Dec 2003)

Jay Inslee on Families & Children
Voted YES on four weeks of paid parental leave for federal employees. (Jun 2009)
Rated 15% by the Christian Coalition: an anti-Family-Value voting record. (Dec 2003)

Jay Inslee on Foreign Policy
Voted YES on $156M to IMF for 3rd-world debt reduction. (Jul 2000)

Jay Inslee on Free Trade
Voted YES on assisting workers who lose jobs due to globalization. (Oct 2007)

Jay Inslee on Government Reform
Voted YES on protecting whistleblowers from employer recrimination. (Mar 2007)

Jay Inslee on Gun Control
Voted NO on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers. (Oct 2005)
Voted NO on prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse. (Apr 2003)
Voted NO on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1. (Jun 1999)
Rated F by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun control voting record. (Dec 2003)

Jay Inslee on Health Care
Voted YES on expanding the Children’s Health Insurance Program. (Jan 2009)
Voted NO on banning physician-assisted suicide. (Oct 1999)
Rated 100% by APHA, indicating a pro-public health record. (Dec 2003)

Jay Inslee on Homeland Security
Rated 89% by SANE, indicating a pro-peace voting record. (Dec 2003)
Repeal Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell, and reinstate discharged gays. (Mar 2010)

Jay Inslee on Immigration
Voted NO on building a fence along the Mexican border. (Sep 2006)
Rated 0% by FAIR, indicating a voting record loosening immigration. (Dec 2003)
Rated 0% by USBC, indicating an open-border stance. (Dec 2006)

Jay Inslee on Jobs
Voted YES on end offshore tax havens and promote small business. (Oct 2004)
Rated 87% by the AFL-CIO, indicating a pro-union voting record. (Dec 2003)

Jay Inslee on Principles & Values
Rated 100% by the AU, indicating support of church-state separation. (Dec 2006)
Member of Democratic Leadership Council. (Nov 2007)

Jay Inslee on Social Security
Rated 100% by the ARA, indicating a pro-senior voting record. (Dec 2003)

Jay Inslee on Tax Reform
Voted NO on making the Bush tax cuts permanent. (Apr 2002)
Rated 100% by the CTJ, indicating support of progressive taxation. (Dec 2006)

Jay Inslee on Technology
Voted NO on terminating funding for National Public Radio. (Mar 2011)

Jay Inslee on War & Peace
Voted YES on investigating Bush impeachment for lying about Iraq. (Jun 2008)

Jay Inslee on Welfare & Poverty
Voted YES on providing $70 million for Section 8 Housing vouchers. (Jun 2006)

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