Dos Equis Man Speaks For Me (On Fridays)

Maybe it is because it is Friday and I run out of bubble gum pretty early (and everyone knows I come to the internet to kick ass and chew bubble gum) or maybe it is because everyone is extra stupid on Friday. I am not sure which. All I know is that for the most part, I have found it best to not look at Facebook on Fridays and if I do look at Facebook on Fridays, I should not comment on all the dumb shit everyone posts. If I do comment, it is pretty much guaranteed that I want to start a fight.

Here’s the deal, on Fridays, you are extra stupid and I know you’re stupid and you know I know you’re stupid. You just get annoyed when I point out how stupid you are on Fridays. It’s not your fault, it’s not mine, it is what it is.

Plus, everyone knows that all the good shit goes down on twitter.

I thought about the Dos Equis man about halfway through the day, thinking about how funny it would be to make it. Naturally, it is not an original thought, there is a freaking meme generator just for it. Make one yourself here:

Here is mine (same as above):

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