For Characters Who Don’t Dig Jive Talk

The following glossary was printed on the inside cover of “Boogie Woogie in Blue,” a 1944 album by jazz pianist Harry “The Hipster” Gibson. Most notable on its list is the very early definition of the word “hipsters.”

Transcript follows. Image courtesy of hyzercreek.


For Characters Who Don’t Dig Jive Talk:

A Really In There Solid Chick — An Attractive Young Girl

A Shape In A Drape — Looks Good In Clothes

Ball All Night — An All Night Party

Bring Him — Embarrass Him

Cat — A Jive Fan

Clipster — A Confidence Man

Cut On Down, Cut Out — To Leave

Dig Those Mellow Kicks — Knows How To Live

Dig What I’m Putting Down — Pay Attention

Drifter — Floater

Fall In On That Mess — Play That Thing

Fall On Down — Meander

Freakish High — To Get High As A Kite

Get Straight — Work It Out, Make A Deal

Good For Nothin’ Mop — No Good Woman

Groovy Little Stash — Cozy Spot

Hipsters — Characters Who Like Hot Jazz

Hold Back The Dawn — Go On This Way Forever

Hype You For Your Gold — Take You For The Bank Roll

I’m Hippin’ You Man — Putting You Wise

Joint Is Jumpin’ — Place Full Of Customers

Juices — Liquor

Layin’ It On You Straight — Telling You The Truth

Like A Motherless Child — Sedate

Lush Yourself To All Ends — Get Very Drunk

Out Of The World Mellow Stage — To Get Ecstatically Drunk

Pitch A Ball — Have A Good Time

Really In There — Knows The Answers

Same Beat Groove — Bored

A Square — Cornfed

Solid Blew My Top — Went Crazy

Solid Give Me My Kicks — Had Lots Of Fun

Solid Stud — Influential man in the entertainment field

His Story Is Great — A Successful Man About Town

Take It Slow — Be Careful

Your Stickin’ — Flush, Carrying A Bankroll

via Lists of Note.

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