Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Two photos immediately came to mind after reading this week’s challenge.

The first was of Dino and Paco on the deck at the lake cabin enjoying a popsicle on a hot summer day. They had been running around like maniacs and when I showed them the cold popsicle, the tore into it.


The second is a photo of the Sunset Beach Grocery, a little store on the way out to the cabin.

My Summer Requirements

I want sunshine that squints my eyes and pinks my neck,

Rickety tilt-a-whirls and snow cones that turn my lips and tongue blue.

I want impromptu late-night bike rides,

Skinny dipping, bonfires, and outdoor movies.

I want new and creative ways to “beat the heat.”

Grocery stores, movie theaters, and park fountains.

I want pranks and laughter, love and kissing,

Hand holding, but mostly, I want you.


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