Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

This weekly photo challenge was a bit more difficult: a photo of friendship. I am not sure if it is because friendship seems less of a visual thing and more of a feeling or knowledge or understanding? Whatever you do, under absolutely no circumstances should you Google image search “friendship.” Not unless you have a very high tolerance for inspirational quotes and kitten photographs.

Then, I read that it is Cole Porter‘s 121st birthday today, which reminded me of a song he wrote for the musical “Anything Goes” called “Friendship.” I must have seen some aspect of that musical performed every day for six or seven weeks, hours upon hours a day. Then, the performances. I knew it back and forth, could jump in at any point and recite the lyrics and probably even some of the choreography. So I will start with that:

Friendship is a connection with someone for some reason for some length of time. It may not be forever, it may not be life changing, it may not be applicable for all aspects of your life. It is a bond.

So, I am going to phone this one in and go with a photo from the John Hughes film “The Breakfast Club.” Maybe friendship is about overcoming your preconceived stereotypes and getting to know the person and finding out that you have more similarities than differences?


  1. I like this – whatever friendship is it is often not describable in either pictures or words. Many people I like and value, get on with, but in my heart very few, very different, indefinable, except to use the word friend.


  2. I like what you said: “Friendship is a connection with someone for some reason for some length of time.” A good way to put it in simple, basic terms.
    I have always loved “Anything Goes”. In the old days, I would use the wooden spoon as a “microphone” and belt out most of the songs! My parents must have had the album! 😉


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  4. I don’t think its that hard. We all have pictures with friends, haven’t we? But maybe finding a good one to post, or choosing a rather fun interpretation is rather hard. My submission is rather plain and straightforward though. Your picture are great. Thanks…


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