Email Etiquette 101: Pay Attention

Years from now, Michelle will track back the beginning of her spiraling low self esteem to the family photo where she was put in an apple basket.

For starters, this photo just popped up when I searched google images with the key words “email grandma” in the hopes of finding a photo to add to the post.  I am not sure if it was serious or if they were making fun of the photo, but I loved it so much, I decided to use it anyway, even though it really doesn’t make any sense. Here is an example. I received this email yesterday. It is clearly not for me. I have had troubles with this specific email mistake before, they have a very similar email address to mine. It took me forever to get off large group email addresses about designing an ice skating rink somewhere near Long Beach. They would send me direct questions and I would respond that they had the wrong email, but since there were so many people on the email, they would keep getting it wrong when they just copied the email list.

On Jun 18, 2012, at 3:30 PM, “ALVAREZ, JEVI” <> wrote:

Hi Mary,

I just wanted to follow up with you regarding the home insurance quotes. I am still working on finding you the best rate. I am waiting to hear if the other carriers to find out if they also insure you with the exclusion of the roof water damage. As soon as I hear back for the other carriers, I will call you.

Thank you!

Jevi Alvarez

Allstate Insurance
Blaine Davis Agency
188 Pomona Ave
Long Beach, CA 90803
Bus. 562-987-1090
Fax. 562-987-0319

You’re in Good Hands!

I wrote back:

On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 3:34 PM, Scott Parker-Anderson <> wrote:

You have the wrong email address. Please remove.

Since I sent the email to everyone, Mary wrote back this morning, but she only replied to me, again, the email did not get to the right person:

On Jun 19, 2012, at 7:43 AM, Mary Ann Anderson <> wrote:

Parker Anderson’s e-mail is .. don’t know who that other creepy looking guy is you e-mailed. I need to discuss a few things my friend concerned me about with this homeowner’s coverage ..I would like to talk to you at 8:30 when you get in.Thanks.

I know, right? How. Dare. She. Obviously, I replied to everyone and even included the email address she provided in her response:

On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 8:12 AM, Scott Parker-Anderson <> wrote:


First, I am not “creepy looking.” And second, learn how to use email. You replied only to me with your message.

It is not my fault that I received the wrong email.

Have a good day.

Scott Parker-Anderson

Since then, crickets…. Noting. No email from Mary apologizing for her sloppy email, no response from the right guy explaining that Mary is his really old and rude grandmother, and no response from the Allstate Insurance agent who started this mess. With all fairness, everyone knows that you should never (I repeat NEVER) have insurance from any of the agencies with “State” or “Farm” in the name. They are the Chase Banks of the insurance industry.

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