Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I do enjoy getting the photo challenge and then looking through my “stock photos” on my phone and/or computer to see if any of them match what is required.  Luckily, I had three that I thought matched “create.”


This photo is well known to my family, it is a handprint in wet cement created by a very young Reed Anderson some 50 or so years ago.  It is below the hand rail on the steps leading down to the Minnesota “Minnie” Building on the waterfront at Interlochen Center For The Arts.  This photo was taken last summer when we were all gathered for Reed’s father’s (my Grand Uncle’s) memorial service.  The Anderson family has a strong connection with Interlochen, three generations deep.  I love it.  I miss it.  It changed my life and possibly saved my life.

 These two photos are macramé wall hangings done by my grandparent’s friend and neighbor, Mrs. Richmond.  They must have been created in the 1970’s some time, at the height of the craft-craze.  The Richmonds passed away quite a few years ago and the house has been sold, but to their credit, the new owners have kept Mrs. Richmond’s handy work hanging, even after painting the house.  I love these guys, in a way they remind me of my grandparents.



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