Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

This week’s photo challenge is wrong, in many ways.

I spent almost a whole day looking for things that were wrong that I could photograph.   A day of focusing my energy on looking for negativity.


That is mostly what everything is.

Think about the number of signs you see daily that tell you “NO.”  Think about the negative news stories, internet articles, even facebook posts from your ‘friends’.

When was the last time you received a positive message?  When was the last time you focused on the good?  I does not help that it is an election year and candidates seem to find it easier or more compelling to tell you about how bad their opponents are instead of telling you what good they want to do.

At Interlochen Center for the Arts, one summer we took little pieces of paper and wrote the word “YES” on them and placed them all over summer camp.  We did it at night, so in the morning, everyone woke up to tiny affirmations everywhere they looked.  We left them everywhere (on trees, buildings, doors, music stands, benches, etc.) and they migrated all over as people moved them, wore them, created more.  It was simple.  YES.  Yes to everything.  Yes you can.  Yes you are good enough.  YES.  No limitations or definitions.

So last night as I was walking to dinner and scanning the streets for something wrong, something right was right at my feet.  Literally.

Today, spend a little time noticing the YES in the world and let the wrong fuzz out.


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