Support Marriage Equality

In (less than) 50 days, 4 states will vote on marriage equality.

With enough of us talking about marriage, sharing, tweeting and donating – we can drive people out to vote on November 6 and deliver marriage equality in 3 states while fighting off a total ban in another.

We can make history by winning marriage equality ballot initiatives in Maine, Maryland and Washington State. In Minnesota the fight is a different one – we’ll be stopping a total ban on same-sex marriage.

Grab any of the photos below and Share/Post/Blog/Tweet/Like/Pin/Text/Email.  Then re-Share/re-Post/re-Blog/re-Like/re-Pin/re-Text/re-Email.  Put them anywhere and everywhere you can.

Get involved with Mainers United for Marriage, Marylanders for Marriage Equality, Minnesotans United for All Families and Washington United for Marriage.

Get daily content to post on your social media at  Every day, The FOUR will be putting out a new piece of interesting content from a celebrity or artist – if you like it, all you need to do is share it.

Anti-gay and anti-human rights organizations in our country are mobilizing – putting vast sums of money and resources into all four states to defeat us. In the past, despite great polls – we have lost ballot initiatives. Our opposition is organized and well-funded. But we have what they don’t – we’re fighting for love, not against it.






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