Muffy is killing it with the truth, her words and the words of the man who learned something from the internet about diversity and compassion are what we need to take through the day today.

muffy bolding


This gentle, fierce, honest woman is my TOTAL HERO. TRUTH IS EVERYTHING. TRUTH WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. It certainly changed the heart and mind of one guy with the laughingly apt handle, “european_douchebag” — who posted her photograph on the front page of Reddit, which is itself considered THE FRONT PAGE OF THE INTERNET, in a really shitty and thoughtless attempt to publicly shame her for her facial fair, and to hopefully get some laughs and earn “some internet points” in the process. Instead, he got an education and a unique opportunity to do the right thing — and BOY, DID HE DO IT.

This amazing story particularly spoke to me because a) I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS work hard to try and understand my enemies and to build alliances with them, if possible. It’s just something that is HUGELY…

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