1960s Bond – Style Icon

Why He’s A Style Icon

In the nearly 50 years since the earliest James Bond movies starring Sean Connery were made, the special effects in the films have considerably improved with each passing decade. However, when looking back at the films that started it all, it’s striking how Sean Connery’s wardrobe as James Bond is as stylish and glamorous now as it was then. In the early ‘60s, most men donned a suit and tie every day when heading to the office, and the always perfectly turned-out James Bond provided an example of classic British style that showed men around the world the importance of dressing like you’ve got somewhere to go. Not one to be caught dead in anything that didn’t exude class and polish, ‘60s Bond stuck to luxe basics, demonstrating to men everywhere that looking perpetually good can be as simple as buying the most high-quality garments you can afford and wearing them with confidence.

And regardless of the generation you belong to, if you’ve ever had any doubt about the power of clothes to influence women, ‘60s Bond proves that practicing good grooming and putting a bit of effort into your wardrobe will actually increase your masculine allure and make you utterly irresistible.

Dress The ‘60s Bond Way

To look like Sean Connery’s ‘60s Bond, you’ll need to start buying your clothes as classically as you can. If it’s at all possible within your shopping budget, get a British-style suit made just for you. It will fit like a glove, emphasizing all the best parts of your body and creating the look of a very strong and masculine physique. And don’t be afraid that old-English tweed blazers or three-piece suits will be difficult to pull off. While it’s true that modern men don’t dress up as much on a daily basis as ‘60s James Bond did, all you have to do to avoid seeming old-fashioned is pair these pieces with some contemporary apparel. When it comes to what to pack for a holiday, we can all learn a thing or two from ‘60s Bond as well.

In 1965’s Thunderball, Sean Connery is pictured defeating evil-doers in the Bahamas in a blue and white vertically striped shirt and a pair of white trousers, a look that’s just as cool and elegant now as it was then. The stripes on this comfortable shirt are slimming and nothing says vacation like crisp white pants. Of course, James Bond never leaves home without his impressive collection of watches, including the Rolex Submariner in Goldfinger (1964) and the Breitling Top Time in Thunderball.

Style Icon: ’60s Bond – AskMen.com.

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  1. Could you add a caveat that his sense of style did not apply to his choices in beach attire? Because I just watched From Russia With Love and had to put down my bag of Doritos due to a flash of nausea.

    From the waist down he looked like a labradoodle wearing a loin-cloth. Errant leg hair in a speedo…

    Other than that, I completely agree with you. I love 60s style!!! But not as much as I love you.

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