The Reason I QUIT

[i have backdated this post back to when i first started keeping notes and to ‘hide’ it in the blog when i finally post it.  today is that day]

I had an interview at a new store opening in Seattle on Tuesday with the guy that runs the stores worldwide and the woman that will be the Seattle Store Manager for the first three months.  I was offered a job on the spot and was told that I would be getting a call from the HR Director.  He called on on Thursday.  On Thursday, I was officially offered a new position with a new store opening in Seattle.  It was with the understanding that I needed to be in NYC at their Soho store training on Monday.  I have witnessed what happens when you put in your two weeks notice:  the Manager completely ignores you or treats you horribly for those two weeks.  I did not see the point.  So as soon as it was official, I submitted my resignation letter via email to my manager because she has been out sick for the last week and a half.

[manager’s name]

Tomorrow, Friday December 13th will be my last day at [store name].

[my name]

Then on Friday when I showed up for work, the regional manager called and had the Store Assistant Manager walk me out.  I have still not received a response from the Store Manager to my resignation email, official or personal.  I am glad I didn’t stay two weeks.  This is the letter I wanted to send:

To Whom It May Concern,

After careful thought and consideration I have concluded that my position lacks any sort of career trajectory and my core values are not aligned with the dysfunctional organizational culture at the [store name]. If I want any sort of career future or growth, it is time to move on, if not only to maintain my health, sanity, and overall happiness.

This letter is to officially inform you that I resign from my position, my last day of work will be [date].

Over the past three years, I have witnessed favoritism, lies, incompetence, and immaturity that have gone ignored, unreported, and tolerated, all to the detriment of the health of the store comradery and the overall customer experience. Time and time again, my requests for help and assistance from a variety of individuals and departments have gone unanswered. This repeated lack of accountability and it’s acceptance have drastically hindered my ability to perform my duties efficiently. This unwillingness to supply any sort of guidance is blatantly incompetent and generally considered unacceptable at most companies.

I genuinely wish my experience at [store name] ended on a high note, but sadly, it ends in a general dismissive and belittling attitude from the store General Manager and my frustration as to why it is not being addressed by higher management.


[my name]

Here are some of the details that have driven me to seek employment elsewhere (I have removed a lot of my notes, they seem pointless now.  I only kept the ones that I thought were interesting):


dec 22, 2012

I heard over the weekend that [the former assistant manager] has been writing negative things about his coworkers on Facebook. Not only is this the opposite if his team-building stance, it’s sabotaging the success of the store. When he says the employees are slow, people will tell other people and they will stop going or never go in the first place.


This is a screenshot of a text conversation the manager had with a sales associate after he quit to work at another store.  He still had customers texting him about things and he was attempting to loop her in so she could take over the contact.  She ignored his texts.

The times of these texts are important. She did not respond to his text until the next day or so, after I asked her directly about it.


On the night of the large corporate visit, I was asked to come upstairs and make everyone espresso and then word was sent back that I was to change and go home.  I had spent 52 hours that week getting ready for the visit and the manager wanted me to clock out and leave through the alley entrance. I thought that since everyone worked so hard to make the place look spotless for the visit, it would have been nice to wait until the visitors had left and then celebrated as a team. She wanted me to use the back door so it would not disturb the visit. When I expressed my unhappiness at her instructions, the team was concerned and she told them not to text me after I had left.


This is a screenshot of a text message a sales associate received from the former assistant manager on accident.  He meant to send it to the store manager.  When the sales associate asked the assistant manager what the meaning was behind the text message, he and the manager had a talk and they told that sales associate that they told the regional manager about the text and it was taken care of.  No apologies, no noticeable HR contact.  Six months later, that assistant manager was promoted to the store manager in Aspen.



15 Oct 2012

They told the sales associates today to not talk to me because it “distracts him from his job.” They told them that they watch the cameras and can see when they are talking to me. I spend most of the day working alone, not talking to anyone aside from work-related questions. From time to time, I will be upstairs and the security guard will ask me to cover him while he takes a bathroom break and I will talk with the sales associates. They look at me and then look at the cameras.  There is no way of knowing what we are talking about, it could be work questions and it happens so infrequently, I just think they don’t want us talking in general. Are they paranoid that we are comparing notes?

Of course they do not tell me I am not to distract the sales associates, so when I talk to them, they glance at the cameras and tell me they are not allowed to talk to me.


The former assistant manager (and part-time drag queen) got the manager position at a store in Aspen and continued his degrading facebook posts.  These are screenshots are his status updates and comments of my store manager and one coworker.

The Assistant Manager (and drag queen) was promoted to Manager of a different store and this is one of the many negative facebook updates he posts about his staff.
The manager commented on his post, reminding him she has been telling him that for years. How is this supposed to make the people that they manage feel?

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