Daily Prompt: Last Words (of Advice)

Daily Prompt: Last Words

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

I rarely have the chance to participate in the “Daily Prompt” because I only have a few minutes in the morning to post and the thought of crafting an entire entry before my very first sip of coffee is terrifying.  But this one, I got.  Sort of.

I worked with a man who had a dear friend in the last days of his losing fight with AIDS.  On their last visit to his apartment before he was moved to hospice, my coworker commented on his large collections of things.  The dying man related that you buy one because it’s cute and figure it needs a friend to hang out with on the shelf, so you buy one or two more.  Your friends and family visit, see that you have a few of them and decide that it must be your passion, so you get them as gifts and the collection grows and grows.  Before you know it, your apartment is literally choked with the stuff.  He leaned over, as if telling a well-guarded secret, and half-whispered to my coworker:

“Never tell anyone you collect frogs.”

Daily Prompt: Last Words | The Daily Post.


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