Hey Thanks.

I didn’t have a picture of pilgrims, but I had a picture of pills.


Since a large portion of us still remember getting our first cordless home phone, and testing it’s boundaries by walking as far away from the base station as we could (ours worked all the way to the mailbox), it is understandable that we can get annoyed from time to time with how constantly connected we are now.   I do not need to know everything going on in everyone that I follow/friend always now, right now, 3 seconds ago.  The ever-so-slightly younger generations are used to this level of connectivity and do not find the minutia exhausting, it is kind of like an advanced filter or just plain old ADD, but they have managed to deal with the constant updates.  This is why I am thankful for these little helpers:

Nutshellmail sends an email of everything that’s happened on Twitter, FB and Linkedin since the previous message. It cuts off at a given point which you can set, so you won’t get everything. But you don’t need to see every post. Status updates, replies, comments, likes, everything can be done through links in the email (which take you to their site).

IFTTT seriously changed my online life and made it less online without being less.  Does that make sense?  It allows you to create “recipes” that you design yourself (or borrow from other users).  If you like to tweet everything you post on facebook, they will do it automatically for you.  If you want an email every time NetFlix adds new streaming movies, or a new LifeHaker DealHaker post is created, or to have your facebook status updates automatically tweeted, it is all done automatically.  Brilliant.  Do you want to know when the CDC reports a Zombie outbreak?  They got your back.  Oh, it stands for IF This Then That, since you are creating specific criteria that triggers the recipe to launch.
Thank World Wide Web

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