Dovima – Style Icon

Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba (December 11, 1927 – May 3, 1990), later known as Dorothy Horan, and best known as Dovima, was an American model during the 1950s.

Born in New York City, Dovima was discovered on a sidewalk in New York by an editor at Vogue, and had a photo shoot with Irving Penn the following day. She worked closely with Richard Avedon, whose photograph of her in a floor-length evening gown with circus elephants—”Dovima with the Elephants”—taken at the Cirque d’hiver, Paris, in August 1955, has become an icon. The gown was the first evening dress designed for Christian Dior by his new assistant, Yves Saint-Laurent.

Dovima was reputed to be the highest-paid model of her time. She had a cameo role as an aristocratic-looking, but empty-headed, fashion model with a Jackson Heights whine: Marion in Funny Face (Paramount, 1957).

Dovima gave birth to a daughter named Alison on July 14, 1958, in Manhattan. Alison’s father is Dovima’s second husband, Alan Murray.

She died of liver cancer on May 3, 1990 at the age of 62.


  1. In 1977, i was around 13 years old, Alan’s Sister was a dear friend to me and my family, Alan and Alison would visit often. Alison was absolutely beautiful and kind of tom-boyish at this time- Seeing pics of Dovima is chilling- as they look very much alike. All of us kids had big crushes on her, and she would join us in the street for soccer and baseball games. I (We) knew nothing about Alan’s past at the time. We knew he had a high powered type job, but i remember him being a really nice guy and and he too would spoil us kids every Christmas. When my father had a stroke, Alan would spend weekends taking my dad golfing, and carry both their gear- They would golf and hit the sauce a bit 🙂 My father passed on, I moved to SF- but on a visit in 1980, and the last time I saw them, I spent a really great weekend at their house. I was so in love with Alison it almost hurt! She however, being 5 or 6 years older kind of kept things at bay- buy such an awesome gal she was- we would talk music, art and poiitics- Never seen or heard from again, it greatly saddens me to read about the darker side of Alan, I also read somewhere that he passed on, I wish them all peace-



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