Social Media and Me

I had no idea what photo to choose for this post.
I had no idea what photo to choose for this post.

**since writing this, I have deleted my Google+ , twitter, and Pinterest accounts (and obviously stopped using Bufferapp, reddit, and digg). they just were not adding anything to my life. I did create a new tumblr blog called “Wasp & Pear” that I am still fine tuning. It appears that Tumblr is what facebook should have and could have been:  artistically creative instead of sinister.  Wasp & Pear will be getting push-feeds from my various places, plus content I find while I’m clicking around. It’s like a digest of what I ingest, internetly speaking**

It seems to bet getting to the point where I am losing interest in a lot of the internet.

I have deleted the Facebook app from my phone and really only check it once when I get home from the gym. I still post the daily blog post to it, but am considering even cutting that out at the end of the month. It seems like Facebook has really run it’s course. I have unfriended everyone who over-shares, argues, holds vastly different opinions/beliefs than mine, etc. I read things from people bragging that they have “friends of all beliefs and opinions,” but it is simply not true. These people are not their friends, they are people they are linked to on Facebook, they are not IRL friends. It is sad they do not understand that. Yes, I have deleted people because they have ‘liked’ things that either mean they are thoughtless idiots that like everything without thinking it through or they like things that means they cannot actually like/respect me (if you like Mars Hill Church, you cannot like me, if you like Paul Ryan, you cannot like me, simple fact). I do not have the interest in such internet hypocrisies. I am all-but deleting Facebook because I wish to continue to have a way to contact the people that are on my friends list, most of whom are either distant relatives and former schoolmates/coworkers. If there were an easy way to remove content I have already posted, I would probably ‘wipe’ it down to posts no older than one month. If you’re old enough to have a job and to have a life, you use Facebook exactly as advertised, you look up old friends, or you should. It’s the comment trolls that have ruined Facebook (and the entire internet actually. Why on earth do they allow comments on news stories? If a commenter had something relevant to add, they would have been quoted in the story.)

Do yourself a favor and avoid reading comments of any sort as much as possible, you will feel better about humans.

Obviously, I “chronicle what inspires me” at and follow several wordpress hosted blogs. I am also utterly obsessed with brainpickings, letters of note, McSweeney’s, and lifehacker. They are smart, fascinating blogs that I read regularly (and you should too).  If you have a blog on the WordPress platform, you can add me to your reader, there is a RSS link on the right hand side, so you could really add me to any reader.

I tweet and ADN because I enjoy being able to quickly read news headlines and similar updates. I do not understand the desire for people (mostly some sort of self-described ‘coach’) to collect followers and then send out a constant flow of marketing tweets. No one cares and no one appreciates that shotgun approach. My tweets automatically self-destruct after seven days, I see no reason to keep stale tweets around. The media is designed to be of-the-now, so why archive old ones?  But now, I gave it up, I felt like I was requesting that companies try to sell me things.

I adore ADN because it is so tech-heavy and that is really what fascinates me, everyone on there is really smart. Plus, I got to be @spa.

Pinterest? Meh. I am more-or-less over it. It got better once I stopped following the people that were mistakenly using it as Picassa. Like I need to see all the photos of your kids on motorcycles? But unless I am planning a wedding (I am not), I do not really see myself looking at it regularly.  And clearly, I have deleted it.

LinkedIn has not found me a job yet, so I look at it as a required placeholder for that, but I will never submit updates of any kind to it. I will keep my information current, but it seems more like a public resume service than anything else.

Instagram is the best way to just drop a photo out there for whatever reason, I do not feel like it is as needy as posting it on Facebook. I like the filters and I like being able to snap a photo with my phone, play around with the colors and share it.

What is not to like about Words With Friends? I am usually in about four games with different friends and I am usually losing three of them. I am not sure why they continue to play with me, I guess they like winning. I like trying.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no Luddite, I adore technology, newness, convenience, and the amazing things that creative people have been able to create. I even have an IFTTT recipe set up to email me an invite when new start-ups are featured on I am excited about the possibilities.

In conclusion (you can click on the hyper links to follow me:

  • Facebook: Over it.
  • Twitter: News headlines, etc. (DELETED)
  • ADN: Smartest people on social media.
  • Pinterest: Ya, I guess I can look at your garden inspiration photo collection. (DELETED)
  • LinkedIn: I would like it more if it worked better for me, it is really designed for professional networking.
  • Instagram: Keep posting photos of stuff you see on the street.
  • Words With Friends: My ass gets kicked regularly.
  •  I chronicle what inspires me and will continue to do so.  I like the blogs I follow and hope to find more.
  • Wasp & Pear:  Bloggers on Tumblr are very very hip.  It’s like you have walked into a party and everyone is talking about art, architecture and film and no one has even mentioned what they do for a living.


  1. Another thought provoking post. I was just mulling on this topic myself and you made me realize I really need to cut my bloated “friends” list on facebook.

    On the other hand I just started doing more instagram posts as it is totally less needy as facebook. There are needy people on there but I don’t feel needy. Also, I had to reset my following list and I am waiting for re-approval to follow you if you’ll have me.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment and I promise not to be a troll commenter.


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