“Shattered Dreams” by Johnny Hates Jazz – Not So Secret Obsession

It’s just one of those songs, really.  I mean, for me it is.  I can come across it while scanning for something to listen to while driving and I will stop.  It is sort of funny, very 80’s in a way that hasn’t been co-opted by Urban Outfitters or American Apparel to sell deep v-necks to hipsters.  It has remained sweetly 80’s and as far as I know, has not been the soundtrack to a gory Tarantino mass murder montage.  So I guess any memories of the song are not splintered in different directions, they are simply driving with friends because there was really nothing else to do.

Shattered Dreams” is a hit pop song by English pop group Johnny Hates Jazz. Written by the band’s lead singer Clark Datchler, the band’s major-label debut single was a worldwide hit.

“Shattered Dreams” entered the UK Singles Chart in March 1987 at #92 but gained popularity through extensive radio play and video rotation on MTV and the song quickly climbed the charts and peaked at #5 in May 1987, spending three weeks at the top and a total of 16 weeks in the chart. It went on to become a top five hit throughout Europe and Asia, reaching #2 in Japan.

The song fared even better the following year in the U.S. There, “Shattered Dreams” was released early in 1988 with a totally different music video, shot entirely in black and white and directed by David Fincher. The single peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and topped Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart for one week. A midtempo club remix of the track was released on 12″ vinyl.

Billboard magazine ranked “Shattered Dreams” as the #26 song of the year 1988 in their December 31 issue.

Clark Datchler and the group would soon part, and Datchler released an acoustic version of the song as a track on his 1990 Virgin solo single “Crown of Thorns.”

The song has been covered by boyband Ultra, on its UK Top 40 eponymous album in 1999; by House artist Jaybee in 2005[3]; by Russian pop star Sergey Lazarev in 2007; and in 2009 by Quentin Elias, former singer for French boyband Alliage and by House artist Vibelicious.


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