Daily Prompt: Cringe-Worthy

I didn't have a photo of anything that seemed to fit.
I didn’t have a photo of anything that seemed to fit.

The question is:

Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm?

1.  Devout Anything.  You name it, if you use a reason of why you do or do not do or believe anything because “I’m a [whatever].”  I cringe.  That goes for Christians, Catholics, Jew, Democrat, Republican, vegan, vegetarian, or whatever other title people seem to need to ascribe to themselves as an easy way of claiming identity.  I cringe, I absolutely cringe. I want to hear the reason you do not eat any animal products because you do not believe that they are healthy or ethical or whatever.  THAT is a reason, saying it is because you are a vegan is a cop out.  In my mind, people that are devout anything are hypocrites, liars, elitists, extremists and unthinking robots.

2.  Public Expressions of Love.  We have all seen that fairly-new celebrity couple on a talk show exclaiming that their new mats is the love of their life.  I cringe.  Next week, it’s the cover of People Magazine about their break up.  Thanks to facebook, you no longer have to be a celebrity to make such exclamations to the world.  You can be in madly in love with a new person every week, be constantly changing your relationship status, and all done by the click of a mouse.  Embarrassing.

3.  Loud, Emotional Drunks.  Drinking unties the knots that bind the feelings that you keep hidden.  If you are sad, angry, or just ‘going through it’, drinking will most likely amplify, exaggerate, and magnify it.  When I see a very drunk person crying/screaming, I cringe.  I absolutely physically cringe.  Drinking isn’t going to make you feel better and definitely will not make you forget (thanks camera phones and social media!).  There have been times when I have not drank because I was afraid I would start crying and never stop.

4.  Mutton dressed and acting as Lamb.  It could be my age and recognizing that there is an age-appropriate way to dress and act and when ignoring those basic rules, everyone sees you as desperately grasping and scratching at any small crumb of youth that you may still possess.  My personal age-appropriate rules of dress are much more strict and when I see them broken by others, I do not cringe.  I wear well-fitting clothes in a limited color palate, I do not follow trends and I stay away from brand logos or elaborate embellishments.  That is basically it.  When guys a few years older than me have fauxhawks, wear Abercrombie & Fitch tshirts and are cranking dance music out of their new Fiat 500I double-plus cringe and think ‘there, but for the grace of Diana Vreeland, go I.”  I cringe because I know that it could have easily been me, if not for the wise guidance of a few pioneers I have observed.  It is knowing youthfulness comes from within, a curiosity, a light.  We have all known 80 year-olds with sharp tongues and sparkles in their eyes.  That is youth.

I have to save the rest of my cringing for my trip to Target later today.

Daily Prompt: Cringe-Worthy | The Daily Post.


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