Waldina Has a New Look – Blatant Self-Promotion

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I gave waldina.com a new look last night.  Some people, after a particularly trying day at work, hit a happy hour somewhere and forget about how top down, almost every single solitary person employed at their company is a lazy fucking idiot.  Some people leave work and play video games all night long just to dull the memories of the antics of morons at their work place.  I think that it has been well-established that my sanity lies in my cardio workouts at the gym.  Thirty minutes of the elliptical or bike, throw in some Piers Morgan and I will have totally forgotten where I was the previous eight-ish hours.

I do recognize signs of particularly bad days, however.  If I leave the gym and still want beers (yes, plural), I know it was a doozy.  Still, for whatever reason, I refuse to drink because of a bad day.  It happens, every day can’t be a peach, otherwise it would be called something other than ‘work.’

Instead, I came home and reworked the layout of Waldina.com to more match my other blog Wasp & PearWasp & Pear is like my life’s super-feed (since I don’t like the facebook over-share syndrome); waldina, instagram, articles I like, photos that inspire me, my own form of tweets, all that get pushed to Wasp & Pear for archiving (and the enjoyment of 24 followers).  It’s a Tumblr, so if you do that, you know what to do.

Let me know.

Wasp & Pear
Wasp & Pear

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