Smells Like Teen Spirit

We drive by Kurt and Courtney‘s old house a lot on our way home, we drive by the park where there are always people taking pictures of the bench and leaving flowers and candles.  For some reason, I like the idea that people are still drawn to his tiny little park.  His enormous hedge of rhododendrons is threatening to bloom and will do just that any day, I will share a photo when it does.Kurt Cobain hand-wrote the following to-do list mid-1991, as Nirvana prepared to film the now-iconic music video for Smells Like Teen Spirit. It was eventually filmed on a sound stage and directed by Samuel Bayer.

Transcript follows. Image from the book, Kurt Cobain: Journals.


Smells Like Teen Spirt


1. Mercedes benz and a few old cars

2. Access to a abandoned mall, main floor and one Jewelry shop.

3. lots of fake Jewelry

4. School Auditorium (Gym)

5. A cast of hundreds. 1 custodian, students.

6. 6 black Cheerleader outfits with Anarchy A’s Ⓐ on chest


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