Rear View Mirror: My Week

I didn’t take a lot of photos this week, but this one was by accident. It is of the counter at Vox Coffee (6th & University) when I was buying a coffee yesterday)

This week, Muffy Bolding chatted up and posted two of my entries from Waldina.  It is always such a shock when someone who’s creativity I admire and enjoy so much takes notice of my little old three-ring-circus blog.  She is an absolute dear friend and you are absolutely lacking in your life if you have not subscribed to her blog HERE.  She gets it.  And you can too.  But out of her wonderful PR, I got four new blog subscribers.  I am not sure if it was because of her that Wasp & Pear also got more followers, but I will give her the credit anyhow.

Waldina is where I chronicle what inspires me and Wasp & Pear is where I archive what inspires me, subtle differences in definition, but with very different feels.  I am sure it is because at Waldina. I know that everyone that has subscribed is receiving an email per post and I respect that, I do not wish to blow up their in-boxes with emails.  Waldina is the one-a-day multi-vitamin.  Whereas over at Wasp & Pear, I have a schedule of at least two posts a day from my stable of queued content as well as any posts I make that day (articles I found interesting, instagram photos, I can even send quasi-tweets to the feed).  Wasp & Pear is much less structured than Waldina is when it comes to having a style/feel, it’s really a scrapbook-journal-blog.  Hence, the archival designation.

I mostly watched youtube reviews of the Nexus 4 phone and read articles about my hometown cutting teacher positions, I will spare you.

We went to Ikea on Saturday, it was painless.  I bought some fabric and recovered the window seat that same night.  Yes, I just admitted to recovering a window seat on Saturday night.  Alone.  While watching “The Glades” on netflix streaming.  Just when you are thinking that I am all kinds of grandpa, I should also add that earlier, I did a little comparison shopping for adult three-wheeled bikes online.  They seem so cool with their big basket for stuff.  I just wish they were multi-speed options.

I think I will leave you with that mental image of me…

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