Rear View Mirror: My Week in Review

You know that kind of week where you leave work and walk directly to the closest place that sells lottery tickets and spend your evenings searching/applying for jobs?  That is the condensed version.  You know that thing when a Teriyaki place is in what clearly used to be an old Kentucky Fried Chicken?  I am always fascinated by that.  There is one in Tacoma that became a dry cleaners.  I really do not know why I am writing this.

Over at Wasp & Pear, we learned that I (still) Believe in Nothing, that everyone should try running away from home (anyone that has any courage to try, that is), that I find a lot of understanding in Nine Inch Nails’ song “Starfuckers, Inc“, and that my barber is not sure about how I wear my hair.

At Waldina, it’s the standard-issue obsessions over various forms of faded opulence and admiration of the fabulous and the dead, but also a plea to always wear sunblock.  Next week or sometime soon, I will be devoting Waldina to a summer film fest series of entries.  I am compiling the list (and of course taking submissions/suggestions) and working on the entries, but I feel like I should watch each one again before posting it, so that is a lot of movies to watch.  I may have to change my Netflix back to the DVD plan for this project.

This week, I officially formulated my “Boycott Kitsap” campaign (in my head).  Even though it has been my unofficial modus operandi for nearly 20 years, I have decided to take it public.  I refuse to spend money at any business, local or otherwise, on the Kitsap Peninsula.  I refuse to support any charity or youth organization on the Kitsap Peninsula.  I encourage others to do the same.  It is getting near the height of tourist season and a ferry ride may seem exciting, but fight that urge, take one to Vashon or Widbey or the San Juans instead.  The facts:

1.  They continue to elect Jan Angel to the Washington State House of Representatives.  She consistently votes against the best interests of the people in her district and hides behind her god on every social issue.  She is on the wrong side of history and will continue to keep the perception of Kitsap as being a bible-beating backwater.  Watch her video HERESo basically, she says that voting on the civil rights of the citizens of her district is not count as ‘work’ to her.  The woman is a liar, a hypocrate, and a relic, the district deserves better.  Stop voting for her.
2.  While I do enjoy watching hateful groups bicker over their hatefulness, last week a catholic church is Bremerton pulled it’s sponsorship of the Boy Scouts because they took steps to not being on the wrong side of history by allowing openly gay scouts.  I am guessing that it hit a little too close to home for them and their only choice was to recoil further into bigotry and hatred.  I am not a fan of either group, but it is nice to see the boy scouts adapt it’s bylaws to fit the evolving belief of it’s members.  It means it listens to its members and recognizes that times change.  You can read the article HERE and decide for yourself.

3.  They are firing more teachers from the South Kitsap School District.  They clearly do not value children or education.  I just do not understand how they do not see that kids can connect the dots.  If a kid see and hears that they are firing teachers because they are not going to spend money on them, the kid gets an underlying understand that education is not important.  Kids spend their money on what they want the most, what is important to them, so how is it any different for a school district?  Read the article HERE.

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