Rear View Mirror – My Week in Review

It is a lot easier to remove paint from your body if you have applied a layer of sunblock first.  If I had written that last sentence any other weekend, no wild assumptions would have been made as to why I was wearing body paint.  I am actually just painting the little green house (now to be known as “The Little Brown House” or “Brown House” or “‘lil Brown”).  Until yesterday, I had successfully gone through my life without painting a house.  It is totally fun for the first hour and a half, then it gets real boring, then it sucks, then it will never fucking end and you are covered in paint and leaves and sweat.  I have also learned that painting your house is a great way to meet the neighbors.  They will yell from the other side of the street, asking you questions like “brown?” and “painting the whole thing, are you?”  They will provided valuable feedback from their front porch, such as “I wouldn’t have chosen that color” and “you’re gonna need another coat.”  And I get to do it all again today.  I would have taken pics of my painty-leafy-scratchy body, but I was afraid to get paint on my phone.

Last week, I also dumped Apple and AT&T and seriously haven’t looked back.  I switched to Credo Mobile and a Samsung Galaxy S4.  Once you leave your iPhone behind, you realize how much Apple is not letting you do, it is ridiculous.  Once you leave AT&T you realize how they donate to everything that is not who you are.  Double-plus ridiculous.  Credo Mobile breaks it down like this:

At CREDO, we fight the right—with a network of 3 million activists and with millions of dollars raised annually for nonprofits like Planned Parenthood, Defenders of Wildlife, Democracy Now, Global Fund for Women and the ACLU, to name a few. We put our mouth — and our money — where our values are.  Join the fight.  Join CREDO Mobile, America’s only progressive phone company.

I have not noticed any reception problems or any other issues that I would tell others to be aware of before switching.  If you are wondering if you should make the jump, go HERE and check out the phones and plans.  You will also get 25% off your monthly voice charge (about $10 if you sign up for 700 anytime minutes) for the first year.

I should really make an Instagram video.  Ok.  I did and it is even Rear View Mirror related.  Watch it HERE.

This week, over at, we suggested some classic reads for your summertime relaxation, celebrated Isabella Rossellini and George Orwell and Zelda Fitzgerald, cautioned you about some ingredients in processed foods to consider avoiding, and reaffirmed my staunch atheism by completely ignoring the rules of the Daily Writing Prompt.

While that was happening, Wasp & Pear celebrated abandoned places, Keith Haring, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Go Ask Alice, Screwball Comedies, Beth Dito, Barbra Streisand, Brasilia, Cher, Mrs. de Florian, Kurt Cobain and Agnes Moorehead.  Figure out that dinner party seating, I dare you.

In the news, a lot of stuff happened and you know that because you do not live under a rock.  I don’t live under a rock mostly because the wifi signal is too weak.  Even if I did live under a rock, I would probably be painting that rock this weekend because that’s how life works.

I am still more or less obsessed with this song/video for summer:

That’s all.  I have an eight hour Karate Kid remake to produce.  Wax on.  Wax off.  Repeat.


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