So, what have you been up to?


I saw an announcement about my high school class reunion at the end of the month (no, I am not going.  we are actually moving at the end of the month) with a link to the reunion events page.  I clicked on it out of curiosity and a small little window opens up and begins playing “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard, I fucking shit you not.  Right there, I know I made the correct choice.

try it for yourself HERE.

At the last reunion I attended, I felt like it was not my reunion.  I mean I recognized the names and faces, but I had no shared memories with them.  My band off misfit friends clung tightly to each other as we traveled the unfriendly halls of our high school, never knowing how the disapproval of other students would be expressed.  Laughter, name calling and physical assaults were daily.  I see no need to relive any part of my high school experience.


One of the reunion organizers is a gun-loving bible-thumping conspiracy theorist that over-shared so much on Facebook that I had to block him just to stop the emails about starting a home business and another quite recently used the phrase “you’re gay” in a disparaging way as to mean stupid/lame.  This is not my reunion.

I guess when it comes right down to it, I Loathe Nostalgia, more specifically, I loathe personal nostalgia.  I have blogs largely dedicated to film, art, fashion, architecture, literature, photography and music nostalgia, but when it comes to my own personal nostalgia and reliving fond memories of my past, meh, I’ll pass.

I have been told that reunions change after time and everything is forgotten and its just nice to catch up with people, but how do you catch up with people you never knew?  And if you factor in that all my major tormentors have either died or become pastors, expecting any sort of closure is pointless.  see related articles below

Now let’s nitpick:
The event space is the old roller rink in town.  The building exterior has been painted canary yellow and if the photos on their website do it any justice, the interior has received a substantial florescent lighting upgrade and maybe has had the ceilings lowered. Only naturally depressing events should be held there, like funerals and hot yoga classes.  No weddings, like the website suggests.  Sure there’s ample parking, but the bride will scrape her knuckles on the ceiling when she throws the bouquet.  Photos HERE.

And it’s two nights long in the same brightly lit crawl space?  Why? I was sort of saving the experience of eating chicken alfredo penne under florescent lights for when my nieces and nephews put me in an assisted living facility.

And now let’s talk about the city of Port Orchard.  When are they going to get on the right side of history and vote out that harpie-biggot-liar-hater who represents them in the 26th District?  I mean honestly.  The woman should be an absolute embarrassment to everyone, but since she name-drops Jesus like he is in her top five and “new jobs” like she is a hiring manager, people think she is great.  She is not.  Her type of thinking is the reason that your sons, daughters, and friends have left “Port Torture” and refuse to look back.  see related articles below

No amount of alcohol is enough and any amount of alcohol is too much.  That sums it up.

There are a handful of people that I went to high school with that I would love to see, some of them did not graduate the same year as I did and some of them are probably not attending the reunion.  I think there are probably three that I know are attending (out of a graduating class of over 600).  I guess it’s true: that is what facebook is for.

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