runs great and is ready for the water!

jacked up boat

Who among us has not come home after a few drinks and bought something on the internet that in now way could be classified as a necessity?  Everyone, that’s who.  I have more vitamins and skincare than even two people really need, even if they are real ugly and unhealthy.  I have also bought tshirts from Israel off of ETSY that I can’t even wear at the gym.  Understanding that human behavior, I think it is perfectly reasonable to become alarmed when I receive craigslist ads forwarded to me from my sister at midnight for boats.  We have a soft spot in our hearts for old boats.  It could be from watching a lot of “Flipper” and “Sea Hunt” as kids, it could be that we had a sweet green one growing up, it could just be that we are cheap.  While I adore vintage boats, I absolutely loathe lazy photo staging.  Put your best foot forward, be it a house listing or personal ad, just clean up the background.  The boat listing she sent me was not only a boat, but a floating scrap lumber storage container.  A twofer.

I am awaiting her reply to see if she drunk-shopped a craigslist boat.

I sort of forgot to post anything today, sort of forgot, sort of had nothing.  Empty.  Desert.  Gobi.  This is the weekend that we put the kitchen back together and tear the bathroom apart.  Neither of which are even remotely captivating topics.  I could take before/after photos, but even that bores me.  So I am going with old boat.

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