DropBox Clearing House – Train Musings

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Sometimes, I put things in my dropbox and they stay there, never to see the light of day.  I need to dust them off and take another look at them.  This one is not that old, only from Thursday morning.

I have a little twinge in my back that is uncomfortable and annoying.  It makes everything difficult and exhausting. I can’t go to the gym and my walk to the train takes longer.  It happened Wednesday morning.

I was feeling old and sorry for myself on Thursday morning as I slowly hobbled to the train station.  I passed a women walking with a cane and a man on crutches having a difficult time with the curb.  On the train, I sat behind two people chatting and laughing, both holding red-tipped white canes.

Is it the universe our God trying to send me a message to get over myself?  Is it my subconscious getting my to stop focusing on the empty portion of the glass?  I’m not sure it really matters that much on who our what changed my perspective as long as it has been broadened.

Since the ‘accident’ happened at work, I was required to document it, and by that, I mean fill out a six page insurance accident report for which I only knew half of the information.  I completed it to the best of my knowledge, sent it to my boss and she submitted it to the people she thought needed it.  It is always a bit of a guessing game as to who/where to send inquiries, so we thought it best to cover our bases and send it to anyone we think that would need it.  Two people who did not need copies of the accident report, two higher-up manager-types, responded with short terse emails stating that they did not need a copy of it and inquiries as to why they were getting it.  My response:  “I will be fine, thank you for asking.”

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