Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

This is my new computer wallpaper.
This is my new computer wallpaper.

I haven’t been to the gym for four or five days, so obviously, I am now morbidly obese.  That’s how it works.  I strained my back at work earlier in the week and thought that if it hurt to walk, it would hurt more to run and lift weights.  But since I use going to they gym as my apres-work de-stresser, not going for so many days in a row has caused tensions to rise and it took all my strength to be nice on Friday.  I am going to go back to the gym on Monday, even if I can’t do very much.  I can probably sit on a bike for a while, if nothing else.

Over at Waldina and Wasp & Pear, the same shit went down:  I chronicled my inspirations, obsessions, and fascinations.

Something I have learned about myself this weekend is that I could probably live through a home renovation, but I would prefer not to.  Here at Casa de los Dos Perros Locos, we had new tile put in this week.  Well, it stated as new tile on the floor and in the bathtub area and has turned into new tile on the floor and bathtub area, a new sink, a new toilet, new storage shelves, new mirror, new lighting and a new fan.  The only thing that isn’t new is the bathtub and the bathroom window and door.  So no bathroom for the last week and I mean no toilet/shower.  We have been taking care of all of our bathroom needs at the house next door.  We are moving into that house at the end of the month, coincidentally.  But all rules of common decency are thrown out the window in the middle of the night. I will leave it at that.  I do not know how those freaks on HGTV live in their basements while the rest of the house is a war zone, don’t they know anyone with a camper trailer or something?  Anyhow, word on the street is that we get a toilet tomorrow!  I am withholding my excitement for now.  It is true what they say about construction estimates, it does take about two and a half times longer.  Photos forthcoming.

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