Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

I decided to use the paintings of Gerald Murphy this weekend.  His painting “Wasp and Pear” was the inspiration for my Tumblr page, I loved it the first time I saw it in a book many years ago. I will include links to all the info I have collected on Gerald Murphy and his wife Sara in the Related Links/Further Reading section at the end of this post.

In related news, this week I learned you can only store 300 posts in your Tumblr queue as they wait future publication.  Since I hit that limit, I upped my auto-post to three a day.  Still modest, still respectful of feed variety.

This week, we moved and this weekend, we unpacked, unpacked, and unpacked.  I am still unpacking.  I hope to find some clothes to wear other than the limited variety that was moved in a laundry basket.  There will come a point soon when it will be either too cold or inappropriate to wear gym clothes all the time.  Soon, like tomorrow morning.  The place is looking great, there is a lot more room and it is interesting to see how furniture looks completely different in a different space.  The last three places I have live have been painted gray (if you live in Seattle, think ‘November Sky’ and you have the idea of the color) and this one, I think we are going to paint ultra pure white.  The whole place could use a coat, and I plan on tackling a room every weekend or so, nothing too crazy, I still have clear memories of painting the outside of old house last month.  Think of that scene of the 1973 version of The Great Gatsby when Daisy and Nick are reunited in Daisy’s living room:  ethereal billowing curtains, white, gauzey, crisp, clean, new, hopeful.  Just fresh.  Oh here, watch it:

That’s the idea, anyway.

I have about ten minutes before I need to start getting ready to drive over the mountains to see a fire (or hopefully see no fire) and perhaps eat a cherry or two.  Photos forthcoming.  Check my instagram feed on the sidebar of this website or Wasp & Pear.  Probably not facebook…

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