The sleeper must awaken

mars horizon

I’ll miss the sea,
but a person needs new experiences.
They jar something deep inside,
allowing him to grow.
Without change
something sleeps inside us,
and seldom awakens.
The sleeper must awaken.

– Duke Leto Atreides “Dune”

It is something we forget, well, I know I forget:  Change Is Good.  It means growth is happening, osmosis, evolution, adaption.  It means you are learning, that you are not set in your ways or stuck in a rut, that you are playing an active role in your lives and making active decisions that are based on your thinking now and not your thinking then.  It’s smart, it’s youthful.  It’s Friday.  Do something this weekend to remind yourself that you are alive.  Fuck Shit Up!  Even if it is as seemingly mundane as rearranging the drawer where you keep your flatware, your forks don’t have to be there just because they always have.  I mean what are you afraid of?  What worries you? It doesn’t always have to be bricks through bank windows and getting a tattoo.  Personalize it.  Make some part of this weekend yours.

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