Rear View Mirror – My Week in Review

Last week, someone asked me what my freak flag was, what did I nerd-out/fan-boy over, what was my passion? and I had to really think about it for a while.  I mean, I am clearly obsessed with chronicling (and learning from) the lives of people that I find inspiring.  I am constantly finding new amazing lives that I had not previously known about and that is exciting to me.  There is also the factor that I am afraid of their lives, their work, and their words disappearing.  Especially when I know it is so valuable and so much can be learned from them.  I know my life is better because of the lives of others I have learned about.  I truly fear that loss.

I love the whole idea behind abandoned places, the thought of the last person closing the door and just never looking back seems like such a bizarre act to me, I am fascinated of photos where the only thing that has changed in decades is the dust.  There is a pair of houses a couple blocks away that look abandoned, I should investigate closer, but it could just be that they have let their yard and home upkeep go.  I look at them from the sidewalk.  The area that was the former U.S.S.R. is lousy with abandoned places.  That and Detroit.

The question not only made me verbalize what my interests were, but it also made me realize that I am not focusing much time on them.  Work, gym, household chores, and sleep all take up a large slice of the day, but what am I doing with what is left?  Could it be used differently?  Why am I not reading more books?  Why am I not writing that book?  I am not confident that abrupt and drastic changes to one’s life ever really last, but the awareness of the desire to tweak some of the focus should cause at least a little ripple of change.

This week, I started out thinking that I was going to be getting a 1981 Mercedes Benz 300SD, but ended up with a 1988 BMW 528E.  The Mercedes was just too big and the BMW was much more fun.  I am not going to post a bunch of photos of my car here, but if you follow me on instagram, you can see it HERE.  As I type this, R is looking at much much younger BMWs.

Over on Waldina, we celebrated Jasper Johns, Dorothy Parker, Gracie Hansen, Voyager 2, and the novel Gone With the Wind.  We learned how to correctly eat sushi and obsessed over the disappearance of Jean Spangler.

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While at Wasp & Pear on Tumblr, we shared the amazing New York Times Obituary of the absolutely amazing Julie Harris (if you ever find a copy of Lucifer’s Child, watch it – and tell me where -, if you can’t find a copy, buy the audio book), Polaroid cameras, abandoned places, Morrissey and The Smiths,

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Many years ago, we were trying to figure out when our dog’s birthday was.  He had just appeared on our porch one day, injured and tired, then stayed for well over a decade.  We guessed that he was about six months old at the time of his arrival, so when we did the math, it turned out that he shared the same birthday as our grandmother.  I seem to remember her not being that amused, given to the small detail that she was sharing a birthday with a dog who also happened to be named “Bubba.”  To her credit, I do have her name first in my calendar on this day, although, it may just sort alphabetically and her name being “Alfa” comes before “Bubba.”  Yesterday, I was out at the lake house and I looked at her picture and touched the things she touched and took the same path she took and thought about her birthday today and how old she would be if she was still alive and what that would be like if she was still alive.  I didn’t think about Bubba once until today.  He was a sweet dog, but dumb.  And smelly.  But sweet.

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