Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review


While this week was the same length as all the others, I am hard-pressed to come up with highlights other than a favorable attendance record at the gym and a constant caloric debt.

Recently, I have had the oppurtunity to talk with a couple people that have inspired me to rekindle that curiosity for life that we all have inside us, they reminded me that at my core, I am much more than what I do to make money.  I need to remember daily that I am inscrutable; undefinable by anyone else than me.  That my abilities are not defined by others, they see what they want to see, they see what I want them to see.  I am infinite.  There is a Finnish word that I recently learned:

it is an adjective meaning “Relating to anything that comes or exists on top of what can be considered normal, sufficient or desirable; excessive, redundant, extra, extraordinary, special, additional.

Example Sentences:

  • “Joululiikenteessä on useita ylimääräisiä junavuoroja.”  (Several special trains have been added for the Christmas traffic.)
  • “Minulla on ylimääräinen polkupyörä.”  (I have a bicycle which I don’t need.)

I have been practicing the pronunciation.  For some reason, I am fixated on it.  It could just be how the wording in the definition is written, but I am pretty much in love with it.  I may get it tattooed across my chest as a reminder to myself and a warning to others.

On Saturday and/or Sunday mornings, I like to slog through the blog and vlogs that I subscribe to on the youtubes, tumblrs, and wordpresses and catch up with everything.  I do not have time during the week to spend leisurely wandering around the internets, so it has become my weekend thing.  I have been thinking about this one video for over a week now and decided that I should just share it already.  It was a collaboration of three of my youtube favorites:  Tyler Oakley, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig.  They duct tape forties (large bottles of premium malt liquor) to each hand and must keep them there until they are all drunk up.  It is not responsible drinking, it is not roll model material, but it is hilarious and sometimes, it is just fine to be entertaining.  Most times, it is just fine to be entertaining.  It does make me want to my own videos of all the crazy antics that I get into with my zany friends, but as I sit here in bed next to R (who is obsessively shopping for rims on his iPad), I think I will just take another sip of coffee and work on the details of becoming a video blogger a bit later.  We are gonna put a pin it that for now and send you over to watch some people who know how to do it:

I will include links to all their things below, but if you are interested in learning more about them, there are a lot of links in the show notes of this video.

I have been digging around the internet looking for quotes that I enjoy for a sub-category that I have titled “Words To Live By.”  It is a one or two sentence version of a “Style Icon” profile, but just boiled down to the marrow.  I found this one attributed to George Burns last night and absolutely fell in love with it:

“I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.” – George Burns

This week, over on the Wasp & Pear, we looked at a lot of old Hollywood photos, vintage war time posters about food, the instagram feed sent over a pic of the bed I put up in the loft, and I plotzed over Art Deco architecture.

The Stats:

  • All Time Posts:  856
  • Posts This Week:  29
  • Subscribers:  93
  • New Subscribers:  8

Meanwhile, across town at Waldina, we obsessed over Absolut Art, David Hockney, the Burning House photo project, and Bob Ross.

The Stats:

  • All Time Posts:  843
  • Subscribers:  211
  • New Subscribers: 7
  • All Time Hits:  93,857
  • Hits This Week:  327

I do not think I can remember a week when there were more new subscribers and that is just plain nifty.  It looks like the overall number of hits/visits is down from the normal week, but those hits are quality hits and for that, I thank you.


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