It Just Got Personal (Day) – A Running Update

I planned this personal day a couple weeks ago, and by planned, I mean I requested a personal day a couple weeks ago because “The Company” blacks out the last ten weeks of the year and the last two weeks in September.  “The Company” has a use-or-lose policy on personal and sick days and since I have lost in previous years, I chose use this time.  That, however, is where the planning stopped.

I did get a text message from “The Company” at 8:57am asking me where the light bulbs are.  Before I had the chance of feeling proud of myself for ignoring the text, I received a follow up text letting me know “The Company” found the light bulbs.

I am getting out of bed now and have decided to update this post as the day progresses, so keep checking back, hit refresh, or whatever.  (It’s like I am that annoying facebook friend who blows up your news feed with a play-by-play machine gun status updates, but I’m not a dick and I just put it in digest form and leave you to your uninterrupted viewing of photos of cats that really have no reason to be so displeased with everything always.)  Let’s see where the day takes us.  I will add links to the various internet portal places that things get sent when things happen and are being documented below.  Add, subscribe, follow.  Or don’t.  I’m sure you are busy living your life.  Why don’t you love me?!

[SPOILER ALERT:  The day may include IKEA and footage of me jumping in what I am guessing will be a very cold lake]

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