Lewis Hine – Style Icon

NAME: Lewis Hine
OCCUPATION: Photographer
BIRTH DATE: September 26, 1874
DEATH DATE: November 03, 1940
PLACE OF BIRTH: Oshkosh, Wisconsin
PLACE OF DEATH: Hasting-on-Hudson, New York

Best Known For:  Lewis Hines was a photographer known for his documentation of exploited child workers and government projects.

In 1904, Lewis Hine photographed immigrants at Ellis Island and the tenements and sweatshops where they lived and worked. In 1911 he was hired by the National Child Labor Committee to record child labor conditions, and he produced appalling pictures of exploited children. In WWI he worked as a photographer with the Red Cross and later photographed the construction of the Empire State Building.


  1. My understanding is that all of Hine’s pictures are in the public domain–is that correct? I am a teacher and would like to use the one of the three year old on the lower right of the composite.


    1. I have had no issues, but I am not making money off of anything here, so there’s that. The most that has ever happened is that a managing trust asked me to add that I had permission to use the photo, but that was for a different profile, not Lewis Hine.


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