Rear View Mirror – My Week in Review

For no explainable reason, this morning, I traveled down the internet rabbit hole and ended up looking for vintage Sears and JC Pennys catalog scans from 1969-1970.  I figured I may as well make the time useful, so here are some that I found.

For a person that grandly professes to not believe in anything (gods, angels, ghosts, fortune cookies, horoscopes, etc), I certainly do find myself superstitious about writing about anything before it happens.  Jinxing it, so to speak.  That’s as much as I can muster.  I’ve said too much.

I have also started saving all the birthdays of the Style Icons that I archive on Waldina into a Google Calendar.  I am not sure if I will make it sharable (no one will really be that interested) or if it is just for my own interest.  I have a feeling that I will do it for my own interest and if anyone else happens to come alone, they are more than welcome.

At Wasp & Pear on Tumblr this week, we celebrated Montgomery Clift, Tippi Hendren, Leigh Bowery, Case Study Houses, Lewis Hine, Louise Brooks, Doris Day, Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Cecil Beaton, Cal Worthington, Leo Tolstoy, and of course abandoned places.

The Stats:

Total Followers:  99
New Followers:   1
Total Posts:  927
New Posts:  34

At Waldina, we chronicled Zelda Fitzgerald, a hidden NYC subway station, and Gidget and the Gories.

The Stats:

Total Followers:  211
Total Hits:  94,562
Total Comments:  1,311
Total Posts:  857


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