Parris – Not So Secret Obsession

I randomly thought of the Seattle Artist named Parris on my walk home today.  If you lived in Seattle in the early 90s, you would see his work all over town.  There were murals and there were tons of business sandwich boards.  There are still a few around and when I see them, it’s like coming across an old friend.

I have read that Parris no longer paints and that saddens me greatly, but I would hope that he knows that still to this day, his art is appreciated, loved, and brings happiness to those of us that were in Seattle 20 years ago.  It reminds us of going to bars and cafes all over the city with our friend and being greeted by his work.  It reminds us of Thursday nights outside ReBar while we waited (of didn’t have to wait) to get inside to dance.  It reminds us of when independent businesses outnumbered homogenized chains.

I am on a mission to collect more photographs of his work that is still around they city.

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