Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

I just look drunk.
I just look drunk.

That photo happened last night after Thai food with friends.  Seriously, I was sober.  I just suck at selfies.  Wear your seat belts, kids.

Do you ever look at the websites you have bookmarked and wonder why they were bookmark-worthy?  As I am sure you are aware, I am no hoarder, physically or digitally, I delete photos from my phone all the time, I never seem to accumulate unneeded items around the house, and I routinely go through my bookmarks and edit out the ones, I know I will never use ever again, never ever.  One that I keep and do not really use is the Seattle Stairs site.  It is an extremely comprehensive map of every set of stairs in Seattle.  Rick doesn’t know it yet, but we are doing the S Ferdinand Street to the lake stairs today.  They are right down the street and super creepy.  If you live in Seattle, you should take a look at the site (link below) and see that there are other stairs besides the ones from Lakeview to 10th.  They are closer than you think.

There were a lot of birthdays celebrated this week on Waldina.  We remembered Harris Glenn Milstead (Divine), Arthur Miller, Montgomery Clift and Rita Hayworth.  We added All About Eve to the Waldina Required Viewing film list and we obsessed over and desperately missed the art of a Seattle artist Parris.

Site Stats:

Hits This Week:  244
All Time Hits:  96,237
Subscribers:  219

Over on Wasp & Pear, we celebrated vintage Seattle photography, a ridiculous McDonalds training video, bad postcards, a cross post from Muffy Bolding featuring a quote from Harper Lee, Carol Doda, vintage Hollywood, vintage Hollywood, and vintage Hollywood, my sad attempt at getting people to stand to the right on escalators,
Site Stats:

Followers:  112
New Followers:  2
Posts This Week:  70
Total Posts:  1,094

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