Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

This coming week, you need to vote. If you live in Washington State’s 26th Legislative District, please vote for Nathan Schlicher, it is time for Port Orchard to move forward and it simply cannot be done with it’s current representation.

This coming week, you need to decide if it’s going to be porch light on and the doorbell making the dogs bark all night while you hand out candy to kids that are too old to be trick or treating or if it is going to be porch light off and watching TV upstairs in the bedroom.  I have my vote already cast.

This coming week, you should probably get a flu shot.  Your insurance covers it.

I have finally input all the Waldina Style Icon birthdays into a calendar and have created a list of birthdays to celebrate.  I have made it public and you can subscribe to it in Google Calendars:  See Waldina Style Icons calendar in Google Calendar.  You can also just be surprised every day with a new birthday and a couple of fun facts about their the birthday person’s life.

On Waldina this week, I celebrated a lot of birthdays:  Sylvia Plath, Pablo Picasso, Johnny Carson, Joan Fontaine, and Gummo Marx.  I also added Schindler’s List to the Waldina Required Viewing Film Festival.

The Stats:

Total Followers:  221
Total Hits:  96,602
Hits This Week:  299

On Was & Pear this week, I posted illustrations of what some strange and unusual words mean, celebrated Marion Davies, Mary Astor, Norma Shearer, Sylvia Sidney, and Hedy Lamarr.  I posted photos of abandoned places and vintage Seattle landmarks like The Pacific Hotel (I lived across the street from there for five years).  Another huge fascination of mine is Hollywood Mysteries and Scandals, this week I posted the Mario Lanza Story, the Inger Steven Story, and The Vivian Vance Story.

The Stats:

Total Followers:   117
New Followers:  3
Total Posts:  1,123
New Posts:  39

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