Rear View Mirror – My Week in Review

It is no secret that I am fascinated about the Los Angeles area, it’s successes and it’s tragedies.  I love the life stories of dreamers, risk takers, and idealists.  The mavericks, the unpopular theorists, the non-conformists, the trailblazers, all of them fascinate me.  I am sure it is because I wish that I had that strength 20 years ago, that self-assure confidence to take a risk and jump without worrying too much about the landing.  To not worry in general.  Maybe I should read more?  All that aside, the new Thirty Seconds To Mars video for City of Angels is my newest Not So Secret Obsession.  Is it a cautionary tale or a love letter or both?  I think both and for whatever reason, that really speaks to me.  You have to take the salt with the sweet, success isn’t success unless it is measured against something.  It is not fair, it is not logical, it is not equal or right.  It is raw and organic, full of flaws and beautiful.  The photos above and the video below are some of the reasons I love LA

Over at Wasp and Pear, I posted photos of What if Logos told the truth (think McDiabetes), illustrations of strange and unusual words, and the standard vintage Seattle photos.

The Stats:

Total followers:  124
New followers:  1
Total Posts:  1,193
New Posts:  22

On Waldina, I celebrated a lot birthdays this week:  Marie Dressler, Hedy Lamarr, Little Edie, Sara Sherman Wiborg Murphy and Vivien Leigh.  I have set it up to remember all the Style Icons on their birthdays.

The Stats:

Total Views:  97,416
Views this week:  306
Total Subsribers:  225
Total Posts:  912

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