Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

There have been a lot of Facebook challenges going around requiring people to confess a prescribed number of things about themselves that the general population (or at least their Facebook friends) may not know.  I will try to play along.  Here are the 4 things maybe you don’t know about me:

1.  At separate times, I have been temporarily deaf and temporarily blind.  I lost my hearing from a head cold that plugged up my ears and left me with 75% hearing loss.  I was prescribed several different medications to get my ears unplugged without success and finally, the doctor gave me ear tubes like a child.  I had my hearing back instantly.  I lost my eyesight in a fire in a theatre at Interlochen Arts Camp.  A light got caught on a curtain and turned into it and caught fire.  My cousin climbed up into the grid and shot a fire extinguisher down at the curtain the same time I was looking up at it.  The ashes and the chemicals from the fire extinguisher went directly into my eyes.  I was rushed to the hospital by a security guard and had my eyes flushed with liters of saline solution.  They bandaged my eyes and I kept them bandaged for several days.  Even after the bandages came off, I could barely see in the daytime.

2.  I am terrified of death.  In the last week, two people I know have died.  I think about people that have died a lot.  Most of the people the I chronicle in the Style Icons series on Waldina are dead.  I think that I am less afraid of dying than I am of vanishing after death.  I know that is why I post the Style Icons, to remember them, to learn from them, and to keep their memories alive.  I think about all the people that have been alive and have fallen off the radar or were never on the radar.  I think about what it is all about, living and trying and working and everything.  I end up feeling very small and insignificant and overwhelmed.  I end up missing the people that have died.

3.  I believe in nothing.  I don’t believe in gods or goddesses, guardian angels, horoscopes, fortune cookies or karma.  Sometimes, I wish I did believe there is some sort of cosmic savings account that keeps track of all the good and bad deeds that people do and issues dividends to the good doers and collects a bill from the evil doers, but there isn’t.  It does not exist.  We are organic creatures.  The way I treat people and behave is because I know it is the right thing to do, not because I am afraid of some old man with a white beard in the sky shooting a lightening bolt at me.  I do not need fear as a motivator.

4.  I have gained 40lbs of (mostly) muscle since my 30th birthday.  I am not sure exactly what changed.  Probably a combination of an aging metabolism and I started eating meat again.  I go to the gym five days a week where I run and weight train.  I take vitamins, try to eat healthfully, and get enough rest.We only get one body and I want it to last for at least another 45 years in good working condition.  I do not understand why people take better care of their cars than their bodies.

It was a busy birthday week over at Waldina.  I celebrated the birthdays of Harpo Marx, Boris Karloff, Doris Duke, RFK, Rock Hudson and Imogene Coca.

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On Wasp & Pear, I celebrated more vintage Seattle photographs, vintage Manhattan photographs, the Mysteries and Scandals of Lana Turner, Lohanthony telling us we are basic, a couple instagram photos, the art of Gerald Murphy, photos of Rudolph Valentino, the New York Times Obituary of Seattle hotelier, barbershop owner, tattoo pimp, and friend Alex Calderwood, and a couple BitStrips.

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