Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

I missed the weekly wrap up last Sunday because I was on a plane to New York to start training for a new job.  I will be working at the Suit Supply that opens up in Seattle on the 4th of January.  So, come get you or your man a suit from me.

I interviewed for the job on Tuesday, was basically offered the job at the interview and then was offered it officially in writing on Thursday.  I gave a one-day notice at Gucci.  Even then, they walked me out Friday morning before the staff got there, which reaffirmed that it was the right decision to just leave.  I had Friday and Saturday to get ready to leave, and now it is one week later.

Being in New York is great, working in SoHo is amazing, sleeping in Secaucus is meh.  I love New York, I love the energy and the people.  I love eating spicy kosher falafel for lunch and Mexican sushi for dinner.  I really enjoy working here and really like the people I am working with in SoHo and will be working with in Seattle.  I think that I forgot a bit that work can be challenging and hard, and still be fun.  Everyone is so helpful and respectful and invested in me getting the training I need to be successful.  I say all this because I am not used to having that support from my previous employer.

These last two weeks on Waldina, I participated in a daily writing prompt, which I could retitle the once-every-three-months writing prompt.  I celebrated the birthdays of Jane Austen, Ford Madox Ford, Edith Piaf, Paul Klee, Oscar Neimeyer, Frank Sinatra, Dovima, James Thurber, Diego Rivera and Wassily Kandinsky.  I remembered something I had all but forgotten with the help of a letter written by Keith Haring. The most popular post was Daily Prompt:  Forgive and Forget?

These last two weeks on Wasp & Pear, I have posted a lot of instagram photos of New York, of course a lot of classic Hollywood photos, a photo of a giraffe, some photos of vintage cameras, video clips of The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, The Night Gallery, a a vintage Charlie Perfume commercial.  I really love the photo series of Jack and Jackie Kennedy as young parents.  But my favorite post was the art of Sean Heart, his short thought provoking poems painted on city walls inspire people to be active in their lives.  The most popular post was Happy Birthday Wassily Kandinsky.


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